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I'm linking up with The Reading Crew to share some great freebies and enter to win some really great teaching bundles!  
The freebie I'm sharing are my sight word mats.  I love using Sight Word Mats- especially for workstations.  I can easily change out the manipulatives and the students get practice with the sight words they need in a tactile way.  Since multi-sensory opportunities are so important, this is one way for students to engage with sight words in a tactile way.  They are also an easy to differentiate work station!  

I like using small Sterilite containers with snap lids to store manipulatives.  They are easy to store and stack!

Some other popular ideas to make sight words are:
play doh
wikki stix
unifix cubes

Build it!  Write it!  Draw it!

I feel very strongly that students need multiple opportunities to practice applying the phonics skills they are learning.  My students love these to practice reading in context!  These can also be easily differentiated based on student need.  My intervention groups like using them on "Wacky Wordy Wednesday" where we learn new word patterns.   I've also used them at a word work work station.  This bundle contains short vowel, long vowel, blends, and digraphs! 

You can check out other great tips and advice from other Reading Crew members to get your school year off to a great start when you download our Back-To-School Resource E-book for some amazing back-to-school resources and enter to win a copy of all the products featured! 

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Summer is a great time to get organized.  I finally found the perfect container for my task cards! They come with 6 holders and a keeper box to keep them all together!  They are the perfect size and sets of 6 work perfect for differentiating work stations.  They are about $8 on Amazon for the set!  It is a great deal!

You can download these free editable labels in my store.  

Try out some of my free task cards and I also have task cards available in a bundle to save you money!

My family has always loved board games.  The past couple of years, we have branched out from traditional board games and I have been buying games that are more STEM related.  Here are some of our favorite games that I've brought into the classroom!

In the classroom, it is really easy to add a Thinking Games or Problem Solving Games work station during math time.

Gravity Maze is a favorite.  Students love solving the puzzles and it challenges their thinking.

Suspend is another favorite.  It is a balancing game that will challenge students and help them learn about engineering and science!  It is also the one game that I have to remind students of their voice level!

My son loves, loves, loves building with Gobbi construction pieces!  It involves problem solving, science, and engineering.   I'm a little obsessive compulsive with the magnetic balls...I don't want them to get lost.

My newest game is Laser Maze.  It has been a hit!  Students use lights and mirrors to go through a maze they build.  

Last summer I made some posters for a friend and myself with a distressed wood look.  This summer she asked if I would make her some labels and banners that coordinated.  

Here are some photos of the farmhouse decor pack in use!  The baskets and book holders are from Big Lots.  The baskets come 3 in a pack and they come with a lid! The book holders are the best ones I have been able to find!  I love how tall and sturdy they are!  They are a big step up from my crates!

You can download the freebie #WORK banner here!

I've been looking at Pinterest on ideas to help organize the packing-up process.  I like leaving school knowing that things are cleaned and organized and I'm not returning to a mess in August.  These are somethings that I always do each year.
  • Organize filing cabinet
  • Clean out files
  • Throw stuff away!!!!!
  • Finalize Data Notebook
  • Clean/Organize Desk
  • Update computer files.
I love leaving school with my binders organized!  This usually takes a half-day (usually I do this on the Saturday before school gets out), but it is totally worth it.  I try really hard to file everything on Friday before I go, but the last weeks of school have so many priorities, this doesn't always happen.

Since I keep a binder system,  I also keep the same system electronically.  My files are all in folders that match the same title as my binders!  I love it :)  That's the last thing I do before I leave.  Sometimes my electronic life gets a little out of control and things just end up in Downloads or on the  Desktop (so I don't loose them).

Years ago, The Clutter Free Classroom suggested using clear tubs for packing! This is one of my favorite packing tips EVER!!!  Just don't buy them too big or you won't be able to carry them out of school!

Here are some of my favorite packing ideas from great bloggers.

This is my favorite way to organize anchor charts at the end of the year!  Thanks to Teaching With a Mountain View for the great idea!

Conversations in Literacy has a great packing up post with lots of idea!  You can tell we think alike in terms of throwing stuff out!  She also discusses having a classroom map done before you leave!

True Life I'm a Teacher has a great freebie to keep you organized!

Here is a link to my classroom packing Pinterest Board where there are ideas on packing, organizing, and even possible ideas for organizing files next school year.

I recently started picking up a kindergarten math group.  We've been practicing decomposing numbers.  I will tell you that the Target Dollar Spot erasers make awesome seasonal manipulatives!
This drawer organizer from Target (in the kitchen area) is perfect for storing erasers at work stations or at small group.

These mats only have the number at the top.   I laminated them, and then students can practicing decomposing numbers and write the numbers in the box.  Click here for a link to the mats.

Since school is getting ready to start back up!  I've been looking at lots of awesome classrooms on Pinterest and searching for great print rich classrooms!  If you click on the photograph, it will take you to some awesome blogs with great idea.  My Pinterest board is full of more ideas!

1.  I loved the class books in this classroom!  These books were made for the students.  It is easy to

2.  This blog has lots of great ideas for not only print rich classrooms, but also print rich literacy work stations.

3.  The next two blogs have more great ideas about creating print rich classrooms, and have some great organizational ideas!

4.  Love For Kindergarten has done a great job of including environmental print on a bulletin board.

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