I love setting goals, so New Year's Resolutions get me very excited :)

This year, I decided to do something different.  I've found five quotes to inspire my 2014 resolutions.

1) Be more grateful and kind (to everyone).
2) Find adventure!
3) Run faster and run more miles! My goal is to run 500 miles in 2014! It's okay if some of those 500 miles include some walking breaks :)


Merriest Christmas Wishes!

Since the week before Thanksgiving, my family has battled "influenza" and then pneumonia :(  Technically it wasn't influenza because the tests came back negative, however, they believe it is a strain that isn't being tested.  My son got it first, then my husband, and now my daughter.  She has had the most trouble getting over this!  We've been to the doctor 4 times in 6 days, only to find out last night she somehow has a double ear infection, and still has pneumonia.  My house has been full of 103 degree fevers, coughs, headaches, Kleenex, and GERMS!!!

I'm the only one that hasn't contracted this!  I feel like the CDC could come and study my immune system!

I'm hoping we are all better by Saturday when we are officially on Christmas break!  I've been doing 24 hour breathing treatments around the clock with my children, and haven't been able to keep up with my blog :(

I hope this is just isolated to my local area (we've been sending children home right and left) and nobody else gets this!!!

I found this "old fashion" health awareness poster!  I'm happy I don't know any careless spitters :)

1.  Today is St. Nicholas day :)   I grew up putting my shoes under the tree on Dec. 5th and my children love the tradition!  At school, St. Nicholas' birthday is a very big deal!

2.  The Elf arrives on Dec. 7th.  This is my first time having an elf! My son put it on his Christmas list.  He only has 4 things on the list, and one of them is an elf :)
I have my elf planner done!! Our elf is NOT going to be naughty :)  I'll post some pictures next week! Off to hide her for 1 more day!

3.  Differentiating work stations.  Oh boy!  I really feel like the teachers I work with do an awesome job tying all the work stations to what they have been teaching and what the students need to practice.  We just found out that the expectation is that the work stations are differentiated for students.  I would love to hear ideas!!! 

4.  Online shopping....I love it!  It is super cold here (windchill in single digits) and the packages just arrive :) 

5.  Anchor Charts.  I love this blog for great long vowel anchor charts! Mrs. Terhune, you are awesome!!!! The teachers at my school love her blog to get anchor chart ideas!  I made some posters for the teachers to use during work stations that are based off the anchor charts she used for long vowels :)

Linking Up with Doodle Bugs!
They have arrived!  I'm excited to be featured in the PK-K book!  There are lots of fantastic ideas for both reading and math :)  Click on the links for other eBooks: 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-6th grade and 7th-12th grade!

I love my job, but five days off with my family makes it so hard to go back to work!!!

I'm linking up with Farley for currently.  We have our tree up and both the inside and outside of our house are decorated :)  If you are looking for an easy decorating idea, I found these glass vases for $1 at the Dollar Store.  I just used a box of multi-color ornaments (smallish ones) that I found at Kohls for $3.  This vase was about 12 inches tall.

Linking up with Farley!  I cannot believe it is December.  Time flies when you are having fun!
I just love this graphic by Glitter Meets Glue Designs to promote the Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

As for Black Friday, I did quite a bit of shopping online!
Best Buy
Amazon (although I'm mad at them for raising their Free Shipping minimum to $35)
Finish Line
Isn't this little puppy adorable!?!?  This was one of the Christmas gifts from my mom to my little guy. Thankfully it is not a real puppy!  He loves playing webkinz! 

On Thanksgiving, I went to Walmart and was able to get a bike!!!!  I got there at 5:45, and was all checked out and home by 6:30!  I'm not a big fan of crowds and I couldn't imagine just going there to shop leisurely, but I was on a mission!  When I got to the bikes there was a huge crowd, and no line or any sort of organization and one employee handing out these cards.  I asked someone in line how this worked and she asked me what I wanted- except it kind of came out, "whattta you wantttt?"  Then she marched right up and got me my card :)  I almost hugged her, except I don't think she was the hugging type!

Yesterday my sister came up and we went to Target, Pier 1, and Michaels.  We didn't leave the house until 11:30 am and it wasn't too busy (I think everyone was home sleeping)! We weren't even looking for deals...just Christmas decorations.  Then last night I went to Bath and Body Works and Lady Foot Locker!

I actually do the shopping for both sets of grandparents, so I got to spend other people's money :)

Monday and Tuesday is the Cyber Monday Sale on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  Don't forget to leave feedback to earn credits!


Thank you Gina from Beach Sand and Lesson Plans for the adorable graphics!!!
Wishing everyone a great day with family and friends!  I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving- I'm truly blessed! I'm linking up with  Molly at Lucky to be In First!

I used points from Scholastic to acquire the following author sets for our book room for the intermediate teachers!  During our walk-to-intervention time, many teachers have been doing author studies. Other popular series that we already had were Baily School Kids, Magic Tree House, and Rick Riordan books! 

Until 8:30 pm CST, these task cards will be free!

In our walk-to-intervention kindergarten groups, we started out with the following letters: H A T

They have been reading lots of "hat" books!  Students use highlighter tape to find words that start with "h" and then make word lists with the teacher!  Next week they will be adding additional letters to make more "at" words!

 To help students build words, many times teachers will use letter cards at work stations, but most teachers at my building use these tiles and store them in this awesome case for guided reading!

When I went into the kindergarten room they were using the tiles to build words, and the teacher stored them in cups :)  They stacked VERY easily, and didn't take up much space.  Then on Fridays, she would have students trade in letters at the end of the last guided reading group, to get read for next week.

Linking up with Doodle Bugs!

This week has been beyond busy, and I think I might only get to a Three for Friday (on Saturday)!

1.  "My headache hurts," was what one little kindergarten boy told me today when another boy was having a FIT :)  When your headache hurts...then it must be bad!

2.  I love this app Gratitude365.  Perfect for November!!! I add a picture everyday from my photo library and just type a few words!!  It either displays a list of what you are thankful for with photos, or it shows a calendar and each day has the picture you include :)

3.  I met Jan Brett!!!!!  She is doing a bus tour around the United States.  Her Facebook page has all the details!  While she was at Barnes and Noble, she drew this amazing chicken in honor of her new book....Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella.  If you look closely, you'll see that she started with an egg and an ice-cream cone! 

My Facebook page, has my Flash Freebie!!!

Linking Up with Doodle Bugs :)
1.  This container of rice saved my watch!  I've had this watch for about seven years, and it was a Christmas present from my husband.  On Tuessday, there was fog under the face of the watch, and I thought that for sure it was ruined.  Twelve hours in a container of rice, and it is as good as new!  I'm not sure if the container of rice was necessary, but I've heard it works well for phones that get wet.  Thankfully, I haven't had to try that!

2.  This is a VERY busy time at my house.  If I'm home before 8pm, it is a good night!!  Volleyball, dance, basketball, and Boy Scouts are keeping me on my toes.  I think my family gets a break on Dec 9th…that's when volleyball and basketball are over.  They are fun to watch, but multiple practices a week makes it hard on this mom!!!!

3. Today this morning we had a dress rehearsal for our music program.  Usually they do this at the end of day, but something happened and it moved to 9:45 am.  This was a great time for me to organize the stack of papers on my desk!!!!  Everything is in it's binder!  That is an awesome feeling!  I think the music teacher will be getting a Starbucks surprise tomorrow!

4.  Boss of Lunch!  Yesterday I was the boss of lunch.  Usually our Title 1 Math teacher is the boss of lunch, and my job is to smile, open milks, and wipe down tables.  She was out sick, and I was in charge!  We always let the students talk until there is five minutes left.  Then it is quiet time so everyone can finish eating.  I'm pretty quiet, and my fear is that I'll have 150 students ignore me!! I used the clicker (that's what we use in the lunchroom to get students attention) and I clicked twice and raised my hand and in about 2 seconds you could hear a pin drop!!!!! The students did an awesome job!!!  The worst thing that happened was someone spilled their pudding right in the middle of the dismissal path (as I was dismissing tables).

5.  This is a Thanksgiving Freebie that includes math and writing! I don't like saying, "I'm not a math person" because as a teacher I shouldn't say that.  You can draw your own conclusions :)  In this freebie you will find fractions written two ways...because I had no clue!!!! Does the picture of the pie represent what is left or what was eaten???  I did it both ways (one of them has to be right)!!!   :)
I have been doing homework all weekend...although I have managed to take a few breaks to have some family time. 

Today I put on my Facebook page that if the Kansas City Chiefs won today, I would "flash freebie" one of my newest items!  Well they did it!  9-0 :) 

This will be free until 5:30 CST.

I cannot believe this month is November....the month of Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  I'm linking up with Farley!
Last year I was one of the people that loved that stores opened on Thanksgiving night.  We would always wake up early on Black Friday but in the last few years, it got CRAZY early (like 3 am).  It was just too hard to go Black Friday shopping. 

Last year, we had a great family Thanksgiving and went out after the kids were in bed. It was so nice to have all my shopping done by 11:00 at night, and sleep late the next day. Last year I went to Wal-Mart and Target.  My mom stayed with the kids, while my dad, husband, and I divided and conquered. 

I've been doing homework like crazy.  I've been collecting data for my dissertation and right now I'm transcribing data.  IT.IS.NOT.FUN!  Then once I get through this, I'll be okay :) 

I haven't watched TV in weeks.  Tonight we are going to try and watch 2 episodes of the Amazing Race as a family.  Our DVR is filling up :)

I am not a great cook.  My job is to bring wine to events!  That works out best for everyone :) However this recipe from Something Swanky looks yummy.  I have two family members with nut allergies, but it can be made without!!


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