I've been so busy and I've been behind. I wanted to share one of my favorite resources... The Teaching Channel! 

This is just one example of a resource I shared with teachers.  It is a great way to incorporate art and writing!  I've also seen teachers have students use the camera on the iPad and then use the photo to inspire writing. 

Currently the Tellagami app is free!!! This is a fun app that allow students to make a digital story.  Students can create characters and settings.  It also allows voice recordings of 30 second messages.

It is very easy to learn, and would be a great work station activity or a fun way to summarize a chapter or even a story.  Students first create their character, then students can use the backgrounds provided or use photos from the camera roll for a setting.

You can add emotions to the characters.

This is where I was changing backgrounds.
This You Tube tutorial walks you through how to create a scene with step-by-step instructions.

BIG NEWS! TpT hit 100,000 Likes on their Facebook page, and they are throwing a flash sale until midnight October 13!

To get the additional 10% off at checkout, use promo code: FB100K

I'm putting my store on sale to celebrate :)

Linking Up with Doodle Bugs :)
1.  Last weekend we had a cold front come through...I took this picture on my nightly walk/run.  I had to go through a field to get just the right angle!  The week started out as fall...now it is back to summer! 

2.  I loved this idea for teaching cvc words!!! One of our kindergarten teachers got the idea from this great blog and Pinterest! 

3.  Nail Polish.  I love this silver color!  In fact I love all their fall colors.

4.  My favorite new lip balm....EOS (Evolution of Smooth) and it is gluten free!  I love working with cool, young, new teachers...they know about all the fun stuff :)

5.  Last football game of the year tomorrow!  I'm super proud of my little guy!  He's pulled flags, caught passes, and he even scored a touchdown!  Sometimes I'm not sure if he is paying attention, and sometimes he really surprises me! 

In honor of today being a teacher workday, and the fact that I labeled like crazy, tonight, this is my flash freebie until 8pm CST!  PS- Hot glue seems to be my best friend right now :)

I hope everyone had a great week!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs :)

1. Bingo Dots!  I love them :)  They are a great novelty at workstation time.  My son loves them!!! Our refrigerator is covered with Bingo Dots.  I got mine at a children's toy shop, but you can order them at Amazon.

2. Spot and Dot. We've been using this to help students in grades 3-5 chunk words.  Here is a link to a video that explains the process.
3. This week I had two gifts left on my desk...one is an owl candy bowl and another was a vase of flowers!  They were from teachers at my building and they MADE my week.  This week has been so crazy, I just realized I should have taken pictures!!!  There are lots of videos on You Tube by this same teacher to help you learn how to teach students this method :)

4. Family pictures this weekend!  I have grand ideas on how I'd like them to turn out.... I have to just hope for the best.

5.  It is getting dark earlier every night when I go out for my walk/run, it is getting dark by 7:15!  My son told me that everyday we have 4 minutes less of daylight.  I have no idea if this is true or not!!!  I haven't even had time to Google it :)

My son loves the camel commercial and Wednesday's have become a very big deal in our house.

In honor of "hump day" I made this very special little activity set that can be used during guided reading or workstations.

In case you are thinking, today is Thursday....you'll have it for next week :)  Flash Freebie is good until 8 pm CST!

This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  Both my aunt and grandmother had breast cancer.  My aunt is doing fantastic.  My grandmother is in heaven, but not because of breast cancer :)  She lived a long and wonderful life!  I've had two friends (one in her thirties and one in her early forties) that both had breast cancer.  It is so hard to watch your family and friends go through surgeries, and then have difficult side effects from chemo and/or radiation :(

Teams of teachers have donated products for seven different booklets for a TpT Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser.  The booklets are:

K-2 ELA (I'm excited to be featured in this bundle)!!
K-2 Math
3-5 ELA
3-5 Math
6-8 ELA
6-8 Math
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