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I have been having 10 min groups (I see 3 groups in 30 minutes).  When students come to me we work on both phonemic awareness and some phonics.  I try and pack as much into the lessons as possible.  I base my lessons on the "letter and sound work" in Next Step in Guided Reading.

Learning Targets:
1)  I can identify the beginning sound of a word.
2)  I can identify the ending sound of a word.
3)  I can write the letter that corresponds to a beginning sound.
4)  I can make word families.

White boards
picture cards (beginning sounds)
picture cards (cvc words)

Students use the alphabet line that hangs in the room for support.  They also have their own Kindergarten Helper by Michelle Oaks.  This is probably my favorite TPT purchase.  Each student has their own personal anchor chart!

To practice beginning sounds I show picture cards and we do a round robin.  Students collect the cards they answer correctly.  Then they get a dry erase board, and write the beginning sound.

To practice the ending sound repeat the same process.

Then we get out the white boards and we play "show down."  As I show a picture card, students write the letter.  Students hide their answers until everyone is done, and then I point to a student to say "Show Down." Then all students share their board with the group.

When we are practicing CVC words.  Students get picture cards and start making a list of the words.
Then they pick their favorite word (and they get another dry erase board) and make a list of words with that word family.

I went through 6 years of data at our building, and this year our kindergartners had the best data (and this was a challenging group of students).
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