This is probably my favorite topic :)  I love all the teaching and learning involved in online reading and research.  Students are applying so many skills in order to be successful online researchers...

They must locate information, evaluate the reliability of the information, and then synthesize the information they have learned from different online resources.

These books are great for teaching students how to ask questions, find answers to their questions, and also make sure they are using credible websites.

But I Read it on the Internet  discusses how everything on the Internet is not true, and helps students learn how to evaluate websites and cite sources.

Quinn and Penny Investigate How to do Research includes both online research and traditional research. 

The other book that goes great with these two books is the Pirates of Plagiarism.  This book is focused on helping students paraphrase and teaches the importance of not copying directly.  

In addition, teaching students how to search and how to organize their research is important!  My online reading and research pack (which also includes organizers to help students with argumentative writing) helps teachers scaffold research for students.  Students learn how to conduct research, determine if websites are credible, organize research, paraphrase what they find, and write research papers (and argumentative papers). These are a few pages from the set.

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