Since school is getting ready to start back up!  I've been looking at lots of awesome classrooms on Pinterest and searching for great print rich classrooms!  If you click on the photograph, it will take you to some awesome blogs with great idea.  My Pinterest board is full of more ideas!

1.  I loved the class books in this classroom!  These books were made for the students.  It is easy to

2.  This blog has lots of great ideas for not only print rich classrooms, but also print rich literacy work stations.

3.  The next two blogs have more great ideas about creating print rich classrooms, and have some great organizational ideas!

4.  Love For Kindergarten has done a great job of including environmental print on a bulletin board.

I'm linking up with teachers from the Reading Crew to help get you ready for a great school year.  My tips are all related to staying organized during literacy work stations.

Tip 1
Photo containers from Michaels are great to keep you organized at Literacy Work Stations.  I've used them to store magnetic letters.  They are the perfect size and make them very easy to store.  I've also used them to store task cards.  I like that they come in different colors and you can easily differentiate task cards by color.
Using photo organizers to keep task cards organized!

Tip 2
Label everything.  It makes it so easy for both you and the students to find things!  I like having containers for work stations that are labeled.  They just stack and can be stored on a shelf.
Label everything so students can easily find their work station and materials.

In addition, it makes it easier to keep work stations organized when supplies are labeled for the students.  You can download these labels for supplies free!
Label supplies so students can easily find- and put away materials!

Tip 3
Have a Station Manager that the students ask for help.  I always have this be a class job.  That way, when issues come up, the Station Manager helps out!  I just print out these badges, laminate them, and clip them on lanyards for the Dollar Tree.  You can download these job tags here!
A station manager can work stations running smoothly!
These great bloggers have amazing ideas to help you have a great school year!

Last school year was one of my most challenging school years.  I'm still recharging and trying to get excited about the 2016-2017.  I'm almost there!!  This summer, when I've been on Instagram, I've been saving inspirational quotes that other teachers have posted.  I'm determined to not let last year get me down!!  Here are a few of my favorites!

I loved this quote that Sara J Creations shared.  I refuse to let envy or insecurity get the better of me this next school year.  It is easy to compare yourself to other teachers and begin to think that you are not good enough.  I'm going to be the hustler, the well-wisher, and the go-getter!

Teachers Pay Teachers shared this quote during their annual conference.  I am lucky to work with some amazing teachers.  I'm lucky to be able to not only call them colleagues, but also my friends!  Teaching isn't easy.  I've said before that even on an easy day, teaching is tough!  I know that I need to be a teacher that values other teachers and be a resource for all the teachers in my building.

Mikey D Teach posted this quote, and I love it!! It is so easy to get caught up in the pressure and stress of testing and data, but I know that cultivating imagination is so important!  Each school year, I have a "word" that motivates me.  Last year it was focus.  This year it is IMAGINE!

Finally, I leave you with this quote.   This school year, I want to take time and not rush through things just to check them off my curriculum standard list.  I've learned that it is better to do one thing really well, then 5 things half-a**!  

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