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Roxanne & Susan won...I just sent an email :)  Enjoy shopping!!!!!

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If you have purchased my Phonemic Awareness, First Sounds, Letter Naming and MEGA Blending Bundle, you can update the file...I've added two new items to the bundle! 


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs!!!

1.  I just found an awesome app! A Beautiful Mess.  It was totally worth 99 cents!  I love it :)  I'm having so much fun decorating pictures!  I have a countdown going until our spring break trip...every morning my husband gets a picture from last year's spring break trip with the countdown number on it!  I'm not sure he appreciates the doodles as much as I do :)

2.  I'm getting nervous about state assessments.  We are having trouble accessing any of the practice tests.  Our state quit the Smarter Balance group, and so now they are scrambling!! It makes me so mad!  They will not be multiple choice...students will be dragging and dropping, which I think will be much more engaging, but it would be nice if we could run through a practice before the real deal!

3.  On a happy note, I love this book!  It is a wordless picture book with amazing illustrations!! It is great for all ages!  The fifth graders I work with are writing a story to go along with the book at a literacy workstation.  Then they can read it to their first grade buddies :)

4.  On another happy note, I couldn't resist this two pound peppermint patty on the Valentine's clearance aisle at the grocery store!!!

5.  Here is a freebie for St. Patrick's Day :)  I cannot believe it will be March in one week!!!

This week I'm linking up with Doddle Bugs and Five for Friday...except I'm so worn out, it's a three for Friday!  Boy I'm happy tomorrow is Saturday!

1. This was a crazy week and I realized I didn't take any pictures!!!  I'm having to do a bookroom inventory, and I made new labels :)  I also got some new books in (fairy tales, fractured fairy tales, tall tales and fables)...I cannot wait to share this one!

2.  Today is Valentine's Day!  We had parties on Tuesday, because of conferences.  That seems like days ago.  Tonight to celebrate, I treated my family to a heart shape pizza (and my daughter got a gluten free heart shaped pizza).

3.  While I was waiting for my daughter to finish dance last night, I found a chevron dress at the boutique by her dance studio...I cannot wait for spring!

Textagon is great for all elementary grades.  It is FREE!!!!  Today I used it with 1st graders working on sight words, 1st graders working on -ar words, and 5th graders working on their planet project.  This app is very versatile!!! For even more fun, you can change the backgrounds and the color of the font :)



Throughout the game, I'll be doing flash freebies!  I'll be updating them on my Facebook page!

PS..Thank you Ashley Hughes for designing such great clip art!!!!

This was fun :)

1.  I have a degree in computer science- True!  I actually worked for 8 years as a computer programmer/business analyst.

2.  I was on the rowing team in high school and college- True!  In college it was an intermural sport, and I only did it for 1 year, because practice was at 6 am!!! 

3.  I don't have any tattoos.  I'm a chicken and too afraid of something so permanent :)

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