Five For Friday! The Week After Spring Break

I'm not sure I've recovered yet from Spring Break!! We went on a cruise and had a blast!!!!  We met my sister-in-law and her family...we spent lots of time at the beach and just hanging out :)

Easter Ideas! Lots of thanks goes to The First Grade Parade for this idea!!!  I bought the bunnies at Michaels.  Then I used smooth rocks from the Dollar Tree.  Students make up CVC words for their literacy work station partner!

These storage containers were 49 cents at Michaels.  I've been using them to hold letters :)  I found bags of smooth stones, and vowels are in red and consonants are in blue. 

Over spring break, we were totally spoiled in terms of food!!!  I think my favorite were the barbecue tacos!!!  YUMMY!!!

I'm so happy I found these popcorn containers at the Target Dollar Spot!  I've had them for two years and they still look brand new!  The kindergarteners have been working on blending!!!  

I hope everyone has a great, great weekend!! I know I'm ready for it!!!


  1. The food from the cruise looks amazing! Bet you are sad to be back to reality!!!


    1. VERY.HARD!! My real life (and cooking) isn't as glamorous :)

  2. I too am back a week after spring break on holiday.
    You have some cute lit center ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your 5 this week.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

    1. I hope the week back was great!! I know last night I crashed at 9:30!!


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