I was super excited to find out about this book study.  If you look at my blog name, you can tell that this book was perfect for me :)

I love that the chapters are short... you can get lots of ideas in a quick amount of time!!!  So far, the theme I see running through the book is students have to be engaged in what they are learning.  Chapter 1 focused on discussion and Chapter 2 focused on drawing.  Here are ways I can incorporate ideas with my students.

If you are looking for a quick and easy last minute Valentine, just download the file below.  Cut out the Valentine's and then you attach Kool Aid packets!  My daughter helped me with this little project for the students in my reading group!

I love February!  It is my daughter's birthday, Valentine's Day, President's Day....then it is March and Spring Break!!!!
It is finally snowing!!! My children have been waiting since November to get snow!! 
I'm going to run my first 10K in April, and since it has been super cold this winter (but no snow), I run on the treadmill.  I love watching my favorite tv shows and running!  If anyone has any suggestions for totally engrossing television, let me know :)
I'm one of the helpers at my son's school to cut Box Tops.  Oh.Dear.Goodness.  I've had to filter out about 100 expired Box Tops and another 100 Campbells Soup Labels.  Now I'm counting them in putting them in baggies of 50.  Here's the deal:  I'm almost 40 and I can't see the expiration date on the tiny Box Tops.  My son has been helping me and he loves it :) 
I totally don't need anything!!! I'm happy, content, and once those Box Tops are cut, I'll be totally lazy :)
I read ALL THE TIME!!!  I just finished We Were Liars and am now reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.
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