I found this link-up on Instagram!  My husband just doesn't understand how important special stickers are in a planner, but thanks to Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris...I now have some new awesome stickers :)

There are two Etsy Stores that I love and they have really great prices (less than $2.00)  :)
Kittik Printables made the fall themed stickers and The Gifted Pepper made my Steps and Workout stickers.

I always plan my workouts for the week ahead.  I try and get about 15 miles of running (with some walking) in a week.  I use the stickers to record actual steps/work-outs.  

I use the zipper pouch in the back of my planner to store extra stickers :)

I'm so excited to participate in this awesome blog hop!!!  Fall is my FAVORITE season!  I love pumpkin spice everything!!  

One thing I love to do when I'm working with small groups is finding ways to  integrate math and literacy through picture books!  Through the use of picture books, students are able to see how math is all around them!  I also really feel strongly that when it comes to math word problems, using picture books as a mentor text is a great way to provide extra practice!

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus is a fun book to use for counting and adding (and singing)!

For example:  If you add the noisy cats and the white wipers, how many do you have all together?
Another favorite book I love to use with kindergarten and first grade is Sixteen Pumpkins (it is only available from Amazon as a used book).  

My freebie is a 10 frame counting game!  It is an easy way for students to practice math with a pumpkin theme.  

Here are two professional resources you might want to look at for more ideas!

The next stop is The Literacy Garden!  

Primary (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) Blog Hop
Vocabulary from Gay
Math and Literacy from Bridget
Expository Texts from Alison
Letter & Sound Identification from Janelle
Character's Feelings from Jessica
Vocabulary & Rhyme from Jennifer
Sequencing from Michaela
Author's Purpose from Daliene
Vocabulary from Cathy
Personal Narratives from Janiel
Verbs with Anita
Author's Craft from Carla

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