Books for Reluctant Readers

It was so hard to get my son hooked on reading. I remember my daughter reading her first chapter book in first grade.  She always has a book with her (just like her mom)!  My son was not so eager to read.  He has always been on grade-level in terms of reading, but he only read when he "had to" which broke my heart.  I was determined to help him develop a love of reading!  It wasn't easy, but since I got him hooked, he reads all the time :) :) :)  I wanted to share some of his favorite books in case there is a reader out their that you are trying to reach!  

Big Nate books are probably his favorite.  If he can't get them from the library he BEGS me to order them from Amazon!  I cave in pretty easily!!! 

Bad Kitty books were introduced to him by his older sister.  When he is reading these books, he giggles and laughs and is always running up to show me the silly parts of the book! 

World Record Books from Scholastic are his favorite non-fiction books.  He received the 2016 book for Christmas, and for 10 days straight I heard random facts at the most random times.  I had to send an email to his teacher warning her that he would probably share facts at the most in appropriate times.  She told me that she bought her son the same book and she was prepared :) He especially likes the epic fails!

My Weird School books are his favorite chapter books that are not a graphic novel.   He likes all the characters and is always checking another one out of the library!

Finally, the I Survived series has been very popular.  They are engaging, based on history, and have hooked him!  I've even had to tell him to put down his latest book so we can get ready for school!!  He will read at the table while I'm trying to get him to eat breakfast!   I never thought I'd be telling him that!

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