Practicing Phonics in Context

I always try and have students practice phonics skills in context.  These are some of my favorite ways for extra practice.  

Decodable Books (A to Z)
I love how Reading A to Z has decodable books.  I like having decodable books available that are in a workstation based on the skills I have been teaching.  They are really easy to differentiate and can reinforce phonics skills.  I am very fortunate that my PTO purchased my license!  It is well worth it :)

Read the Room
I love using Read the Room at a workstation.  Students can use clipboards and practice finding words  hidden around the room based on the skills they are learning.  Here is a freebie to see what my read the rooms are like!

Build it!  Write it!  Draw it!
These can also be easily differentiated.  My intervention groups like using them on "Wacky Wordy Wednesday" where we learn new word patterns.   I've also used them at a word work work station.

Phonics Task Cards
I've also used phonics task cards at a word work work station.  In addition, they make a great warm-up during guided reading.  Here is a freebie to try!  

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