Elf Related Holiday Read Alouds with Freebie!

I am slightly obsessed with elves.  Joy is our Elf on the Shelf and John Henry is her pet :)  They are wearing adorable masks from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris.

Two of my favorite read aloud Elf books are How to Catch an Elf and The Littlest Elf.  Both books have vibrant illustrations and a storyline that hooks students!  After I did my How to Catch an Elf activity with my second grade group, one of the boys begged me to ask the teacher to let the whole class read the book during, "whole g. reading"  :)  That's what he calls whole group reading!

You can download my free writing activity where students can design a trap to catch an elf.  It is free in my store!  To extend the activity, students can actually build their trap!  My STEM journal to record all the steps and processes involved in designing a STEM project is also FREE!

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