Organizing Magnetic Letters

I love teaching with magnetic letters, especially during word work at guided reading.  I also use magnetic letters at the following work stations:

  • Word Work
  • Sight Words
  • Spelling
  • iPads

My favorite magnetic letters are from Lakeshore Learning because they have the vowels in red.  They can be purchased as an individual set for about $9 or you can get a classroom set that has 240 letters for about $45.

My biggest issue is how to keep them organized.  I have found that each workstation needs their own set of letters. Depending on the goal of the work station, I may change out how students are working with letters.  For example, if it is for a group of students that is still struggling with their letters and sounds, I always make sure that the letters are organized.  This container can be found at a craft store for about $3.  It is study and has a lid.

I have also had great luck at work stations using the container that the magnetic letter organizer that comes with the classroom set at Lakeshore Learning.

If I want students, to have to "search" for letters, I will give them a container.  Over the years, I have found that as long as I don't put too many letters in a container without a lid, they stack just fine.  Many times I can find cute ones at the Dollar Store that are 4 for $1!

Then for small group guided reading, I don't want students to have all the letters at once because it is too overwhelming.  I found these containers from Glad work perfect!  The students love the Frozen and Star Wars theme!  I specifically pick the letters I want for word work each week.  This way word work time is used efficiently.  I have a fifth grade volunteer that helps me with this on Fridays.


  1. Love it! I wrote about organizing materials for work work today too. :) I love the box that comes from Lakeshore and the little plastic cups. Magnetic letters can be come chaos quickly!

  2. Great ideas! I keep my letters organized (much like you) in small rubbermaid tubs. :)


    Mind Sparks

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