Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.  Both my aunt and grandmother had breast cancer.  My aunt is doing fantastic.  My grandmother is in heaven, but not because of breast cancer :)  She lived a long and wonderful life!  I've had two friends (one in her thirties and one in her early forties) that both had breast cancer.  It is so hard to watch your family and friends go through surgeries, and then have difficult side effects from chemo and/or radiation :(

Teams of teachers have donated products for seven different booklets for a TpT Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser.  The booklets are:

K-2 ELA (I'm excited to be featured in this bundle)!!
K-2 Math
3-5 ELA
3-5 Math
6-8 ELA
6-8 Math


  1. Congrats for being in the bundle! It is such a great cause!
    Conversations in Literacy

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