Five For Friday and a Flash Freebie!

Linking Up with Doodle Bugs :)
1.  Last weekend we had a cold front come through...I took this picture on my nightly walk/run.  I had to go through a field to get just the right angle!  The week started out as it is back to summer! 

2.  I loved this idea for teaching cvc words!!! One of our kindergarten teachers got the idea from this great blog and Pinterest! 

3.  Nail Polish.  I love this silver color!  In fact I love all their fall colors.

4.  My favorite new lip balm....EOS (Evolution of Smooth) and it is gluten free!  I love working with cool, young, new teachers...they know about all the fun stuff :)

5.  Last football game of the year tomorrow!  I'm super proud of my little guy!  He's pulled flags, caught passes, and he even scored a touchdown!  Sometimes I'm not sure if he is paying attention, and sometimes he really surprises me! 

In honor of today being a teacher workday, and the fact that I labeled like crazy, tonight, this is my flash freebie until 8pm CST!  PS- Hot glue seems to be my best friend right now :)


  1. Beautiful picture! I haven't tried that lip balm. Sounds like a good one though!
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