Five For Friday!

1.  Today is St. Nicholas day :)   I grew up putting my shoes under the tree on Dec. 5th and my children love the tradition!  At school, St. Nicholas' birthday is a very big deal!

2.  The Elf arrives on Dec. 7th.  This is my first time having an elf! My son put it on his Christmas list.  He only has 4 things on the list, and one of them is an elf :)
I have my elf planner done!! Our elf is NOT going to be naughty :)  I'll post some pictures next week! Off to hide her for 1 more day!

3.  Differentiating work stations.  Oh boy!  I really feel like the teachers I work with do an awesome job tying all the work stations to what they have been teaching and what the students need to practice.  We just found out that the expectation is that the work stations are differentiated for students.  I would love to hear ideas!!! 

4.  Online shopping....I love it!  It is super cold here (windchill in single digits) and the packages just arrive :) 

5.  Anchor Charts.  I love this blog for great long vowel anchor charts! Mrs. Terhune, you are awesome!!!! The teachers at my school love her blog to get anchor chart ideas!  I made some posters for the teachers to use during work stations that are based off the anchor charts she used for long vowels :)

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  1. I grew up with St. Nicklaus too so I'm so glad I teach in a catholic school and we can celebrate him! Have fun with your elf. My 10 year old still believes :). Found you on five for Friday!
    ~ Kristin {}

  2. I love on-line shopping too - so much easier and no lines or crowds.

  3. I so agree- I love online shopping too! It just makes it easier sometimes. Love the anchor chart!
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