Since the week before Thanksgiving, my family has battled "influenza" and then pneumonia :(  Technically it wasn't influenza because the tests came back negative, however, they believe it is a strain that isn't being tested.  My son got it first, then my husband, and now my daughter.  She has had the most trouble getting over this!  We've been to the doctor 4 times in 6 days, only to find out last night she somehow has a double ear infection, and still has pneumonia.  My house has been full of 103 degree fevers, coughs, headaches, Kleenex, and GERMS!!!

I'm the only one that hasn't contracted this!  I feel like the CDC could come and study my immune system!

I'm hoping we are all better by Saturday when we are officially on Christmas break!  I've been doing 24 hour breathing treatments around the clock with my children, and haven't been able to keep up with my blog :(

I hope this is just isolated to my local area (we've been sending children home right and left) and nobody else gets this!!!

I found this "old fashion" health awareness poster!  I'm happy I don't know any careless spitters :)


  1. Careless spitters - that's hilarious!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  2. I am so sorry that your family has had it so rough! Being sick is certainly no fun and even more so around the holidays! Hope everyone feels better soon and stays well. Merry Christmas!
    Conversations in Literacy


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