Peek at My Week and a Figurative Language Freebie!

My fifth grade comprehension groups are all working on figurative language.  Originally this week was slated for summarizing, but that all has changed!  Last week, and I had three students write down figurative language phrases in their "unknown words" section of their writing journal.

"Why are they talking about a picnic?"  -Life isn't always a picnic.

Then they started showing me more figurative language phrases that were causing them confusion. I was SUPER proud of them for stopping when it didn't make sense :)  So, I've changed directions and it is for the best!

In addition to lots of picture books...I'm using posters from The Peanut Galleryclose reading passages and figurative language interactive notebooks from Lovin' Lit.

You can download the template here if you want to create your own!

Here is a freebie to help students illustrate different types of figurative language.
Make sure to check out the other great visual lesson plans available at

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