I'm having a great school year.  I'm exhausted...but who isn't!!!  I'm happy to link up with Farley

I do wish I could get more sleep...I have a very, very elderly cat that the vet thinks has the early stages of dementia.  She used to be a mostly outdoor cat, but she gets confused.  Very confused.  She cries at night, because she can't find us :(  She can't find us because we are sleeping.  I usually have to find her and bring her in our room.  This happens 2-3 times a night.  I can't put her out because we have coyotes where we live...and she'll get eaten.   Some nights are better than others! 

I loved the travel question.  If I had to be good at 1 thing in this world, I would say it is going on vacation :)    
My husband and I have had lots of fun traveling, and now we bring our children when we travel.  I will say that we are pretty thrifty.  This has benefits plus fun memories.  My husband is a huge fan of public transportation.  His attitude is, "Why take a cab and pay an expensive fare when you can pay a quarter to ride a bus?"  Although I'd happily pay cab fare, I go with it.  In fact, if you ask my son what his favorite part of any trip we've every taken, he will ALWAYS say riding the bus!

We are also a magnet for "bad" transportation.  Like the bus we rode that had a floor that seemed like it would fall out!  We kept our feet off the ground to stay safe.  One time we rode a "ferry" that was really a wooden boat with a motor.  The "ferry" schedule was about every hour or so...some days!

I've wanted to go to Thailand for years.  Our neighbor was from there and it just seemed like the perfect place to pack a backpack and go on lots of adventures.  Nepal for the hiking!  New Zealand just seems BEAUTIFUL!
Picking three just didn't seem like enough, so here are my honorable mentions:
Hong Kong

Granted, some of these countries might have some travel warnings associated with I will just keep them on my runners-up list :)


  1. You're travel wishes are very similar to mine! Morocco, Ireland, and Egypt are definitely at the top of the list. (Hopefully Egypt will get it's act together soon!) The UAE is also on my list. The World's Fair is going to be in Dubai in 2020, so I already have that marked on my calendar!

  2. Awww .. your poor cat and you poor thing. Interrupted sleep is the worst, because it is like your body just can't get back on track! I hope you get some rest!


  3. My sister lived in New Zealand for seven years and I went once. And yes- it was beautiful.. Amazingly odd- but beautiful. I can remember getting off the plane and feeling like I was in the pacific northwest, and then three miles down the road there were palm trees. Then we went south from Auckland and it looked like the rolling hills of Ireland. Amazing place.
    The Meek Moose


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