Five For Friday: Halloween with Food Allergies

This is a great resource :)  My son has peanut allergies and my daughter has celiac.  My son is a real hoot to trick or treat with!!!  "Trick or treat!  I have a peanut allergy, do you have candy for kids with peanut allergies?"  He says this at EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE!  My husband and I are in the background yelling, "just say trick-or-treat!!"  I love this teal pumpkin idea :)

My children give all their candy to our dentist.  He donates it to soldiers over seas.  Then I take my children to the grocery store and they pick out some candy that they like and I don't have to worry that a wrapper may have accidently opened up and Resse's Peanut Butter Cup got on something!!!

I'm having a blast watching this season's Amazing Race!  It is on Friday night, but we DVR it and watch it on Sunday's (just like last year)!

I love these reading strategy posters from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten!

I talked about these a few weeks ago, but these have been a hit!!!  I'm super happy with the data from kindergarten :)  Plus the students LOVE these anchor charts from Cara Caroll!  I printed them two on a page and they are PERFECT for small groups! 

I am so happy it is the weekend! 

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