Thankful Linky {Day 2}

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin!  Today on this first day, I'm thankful for my cozy home!

I've lived in my house for 15 years now.  It is cozy :)  That is realtor speak for "tiny!"  That's okay.  My husband has asked me many times if I want to move to a bigger house and I always say the same thing, "no way...I'd just have more to clean!"  :)

I work with a number of students that are homeless and my daughter and I have volunteered at the homeless shelter which makes me even more grateful to have a roof over our head.  In the winter we stay warm, and in the summer we are cool.  I know this is so much more than many people have.  We also have traveled quite a bit, and in other countries, my house would be considered a mansion!

I love this quote :) It is ultra true for me!


  1. This summer I downsized into a teeny-tiny apartment, but you are totally right...a bigger home just means more to clean!! Yay for coziness!


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