14 in 2014!

What a fun linky!!! I loved 2014!
 Blessed.  There is no other way to describe 2014.  
Find "cool" new things to do locally!  In May 2014, I signed my children and I up through the public library for a wagon ride to see herds of buffalo. Little did I know, they were just a few miles from my house!!!!  

 There is no way I can just have one favorite memory.  We went to the Caribbean for spring break, and then my parents took our entire family on a Disney Cruise in June!!!  I also went to Las Vegas with friends (notice the limo trunk on the way back to the airport)!  The weekend before school started we took a road trip to Colorado!  Here are some pictures :)

 This one is tough..because all my traveling pictures are my favorite and any picture with my children in it are also a favorite!!!  However, one morning in September, this was my view on my to work!! I love sunrises like this!!!!
I finished my Doctorate in Educational Leadership!!!

My favorite blog post was my one about the penny folders to use at guided reading!!!

This pin is so not school related....I got lots of compliments when I used it this holiday season for gifts!!!

 I think the graduation gifts my family gave me were my favorite! Plus having so many people travel from so far away to be at my graduation was priceless!!!!!  In addition, they streamed the graduation live, so my aunt in New York and my sister-in-law in Texas were able to watch.  When I checked Facebook that night, there were all the screen shots they had taken from the live feed and posted them on my Facebook Page :)
 On our trip to Colorado, we went to St. Mary's Glacier.  I always wanted to go on a glacier, and it was SO much fun!!! It was like we were on top of the world!!!
Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  Lots of gluten-free choices!  Fun atmosphere and GREAT food! 
Amazing Race!  Someday I'd love to be on this!!!
 I had three...Million Dollar Arm, Malificient, and Lone Survivor!  The first two are great for families...the third one is not!
 I like accessories...especially scarfs.  

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  1. I enjoyed reading all about your year! It definitely was a great one for you. Congrats on the doctorate degree- that is fabulous!
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