Five for Friday! Christmas Gift Ideas to Make and More!

I got instructions for how to do this from House on the Way.  The sides are painted black.  Please excuse the paper towel background...I was trying not to make a mess!  I bought the letter from Hobby Lobby that was 13.5 inches tall.  I think it was about $2.00 a letter - when they were on sale :)  
This gift is for my husband.  He and my son collect shells from all the beaches we've been to.  I got this little jar with a cork lid from Michaels for $2.29.  We were careful and turned the jar on its side then filled it with shells.  I thought he could put it in his office at work.  I'm kind of wishing I had collected some sand.  Next time...

This is one of the projects my daughter and I are doing next.  If you click on the picture it will take you to Melissa at the Polka Dot Chair's original post on how to make them.

This ornament gets so many compliments!  One of my co-workers gave it to me and I smile every time I pass by the tree :) 

This was the sunset driving home from work last night!  I love it when the clouds get puffy like a million individual cotton balls!  

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