Teaching Social Skills with a Freebie

We've been working on teaching social skills.  We use Kagan Cooperative Learning at my school and I was finding that even just for simple greetings, my students needed help.  This poster gives them ideas of polite greetings, good-bye's, and praise.

This is from an earlier post, but for one more week these mats are FREE!!! One tiny aspect of implementing Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures involves setting students up in teams of four.  For the month of November my Team Mats will be free!!!  These are a great way to help manage the classroom and implement Kagan structures.   I say things like:
"Partner A, tell your partner one new thing you learned when you read this section."  
"Partner B, ask your partner one question that can be answered on page 72."

In addition, you can use a student's number to help you.  For example, "All the 4s, come pick up your team's papers."  

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