My Favorite Organizational Supplies

I could talk about this forever! There is something about starting a new year and organizing!   

Here are some of my favorite organizers for work stations.  This first set is from Target and are large enough to hold 8.5x11 sheets of paper.  The lids come off and snap on.  I also like how they stack! That's super important to me because I don't have lots of extra space.  They are $5.99 each (which is a little pricy).  

These others are 14x14 and are from Michaels.  They are a great size!  They have lids that are attached.  I like how large they are and the fact that they stack so easily!  

These are actually photo organizers from Michaels.  You can buy them in two sizes: 4x6 and 5x7.  They are perfect for differentiating work stations and for organizing task cards!  I buy them when they are on sale for 99 cents!

This is my favorite supply organizer.  It holds paper clips, binder clips, sticky notes, tape, glue stick, my Flair pens, and Sharpie makers!  It doesn't take up much space and keeps me very organized!

These shelves and baskets are from Target.  They usually always go on sale around New Years and at Back-to-School time.  They hold all my office supplies and paper!  
 Finally, my laminator.  Technically, it isn't an organizational supply, but it saves me so much time when I can laminate school stuff at home.  I've had this one for almost two years.  

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