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I love reading everyone's currently every month :) Today was a great day at school and the sun finally was shinning, and then I go home and the tv is full of sad news of another mass shooting :(  My heart breaks for the families impacted by this and other violence.  

To change the subject, we always have an artificial tree due to allergies!


  1. Yes, I wrote about the tragic shooting in my post too. This is happening far too often. How tragic this is. Those poor people :(

  2. So much scariness in the world! Thankful for my family being safe.

  3. I agree that there are far too many tragic shooting happening. It is so scary! We need some sunshine here in MI as well...we are still waiting! Maybe today!

  4. And now I am singing that song in my head, but what a beautiful song to have stuck in my head! It made me think that if people would think about the message of the song maybe it could be the solution to the tragedies and shootings we are hearing about almost daily. Have a great Christmas!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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