Differentiating Literacy Work Stations

At my school, we are required to have differentiated work stations.  Most grade levels split the work. For example, one teacher focuses on the benchmark and advanced students, one teacher is planning for the developing students, and another for the students that are intensive.  This has worked really well at my building.

Another way we differentiate is by the work stations students go to during the week.  For example, if someone is reading fluently, they may only go to the fluency station one time during the week.  However, if someone is really struggling with blending, they will probably go to that station four to five times.

We are also required to have I CAN charts at each workstation.  If you went to the sight word station, this is what might be on the I CAN chart:

  • Cut out my sight words from magazines and newspaper and make a collage.
  • Add to my sight word flip book
  • Practice with sight word task cards
  • Build it! Write it! Draw it!
  • Roll a Sight Word
  • Stamp my sight words

I'm not always having to change out activities on Friday, and I can always add more statements to the I CAN chart.  I will change out books at the comprehension focused stations and fluency stations and word lists (if applicable) on Friday.

At literacy work stations, I am focused on having students practice fluency, word building, and comprehension.  I keep my work stations in tubs.  It is inside these tubs where I differentiate the activities.

 I use envelopes inside the tub to help differentiate.  I place the name of the group on the envelope, so students know which envelope has their work.  This works great for sight word lists, word work words, fluency phrases, and more! In this picture everything the group would need is inside the envelope.

In this picture, the fluency cards match the color of the students group.  However, if I want to use an item for another group in a few weeks, then I don't color code them.  In this picture, these cards were going home, so it was ok to color code them.  

 I've also used photo storage boxes.  They easily fit inside the tub and are great for storing task cards.  

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