Sight Word Ideas Galore (with Freebies)!

I'm always trying to find new ways that students can practice sight words.  I have lots of newspapers and magazines that have been donated.  As students find words, they add them to the flip book.   Usually, I put one to two flip books in the work station and all students add to it.  However, I have made individual flip books.  

Students love stamping sight words.  I trade out the stamps that they use and they think it is a whole new work station!  The wooden ones are from Michaels and the See and Stamp set is from Lakeshore.  

On the supply list, students have to bring index cards that are on a spiral.  I like to use this for students to create their own personal word wall.  As we add words to the word wall, they add them in their spiral.  This has been helpful during writing as well as for sight word practice.  

The Guess the Sight Word set is very popular!  Students have a key and need to figure out the sight words.  You can download a sample set for free!  

Making sight words with play dough is always fun! Here is a freebie you can download.  

I've also had students use Legos (and Target erasers)!

 For boys that love trains, building sight words in the Pocket Chart station is always a hit!

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