Fall Mentor Text Strategies Room on a Broom: Text Structure

Room on the Broom is a great fall book to read aloud to students.  The book has lots of rhymes and is fun to read!  Students will be able to pick up on the rhymes very quickly!  It is also a great book to incorporate story elements.

This book is great for after reading strategies and teaching text structure!  

I thought I would focus on two areas.  The first is  problems and solutions.  In the book, there are lots of problems and lots of solutions!!

- The witch drops her hat, and a dog brings it back.
- The witch looses her bow, and a bird finds it.
- The witch drops her wand, and a frog finds it.
- A dragon tries to take the witch, the animals trick it.

Using this graphic organizer, students can pick one of their favorite problems and solutions in the story.

Room on a Broom is also great to teach sequencing!  The witch has very bad luck, and there are lots of events for students to track.  This graphic organizer helps students keep track of the sequence of events. 

You can download both organizers here for free!

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  1. This is a favorite of mine. The rhyming books are always keepers. Thanks for the graphic organizers!

  2. I bet the kids LOVE this book! Thank you for the graphic organizers :)
    The Techie Teacher


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