Fall Work Stations for Emerging Readers with Freebies!

Happy Fall Y'alll!!!  My students love having some seasonal activities.  Here are a few of my favorites!  Make sure to keep reading, because at the end of the post are links to some fabulous fall freebies!

1.  Candy Corn Letters and Sounds!  Students can match upper case letters and lower case letters.  They can also match the letter to the picture with the matching beginning sound.  

This set also comes with candy corns that students match the picture with the correct beginning sound.

2.  Phonemic Awareness Mats and Letter Sound Activities.  This set has lots of different activities.  I found these small squishy balls and these sprinting spiders at the Target Dollar Spot.  As I say the word, students can push the ball up for each sound they hear.  You can also laminate the Sound Boxes and it comes with a variety of pictures that students can write the letters in each sound box.

Finally, this set has 16 different fall pictures and upper and lower case letters.  This Letter Practice mat, allows students to match the picture with the correct letter. 

3.  This is something I have used with my students that are already reading at least at a D+ level in the fall.  Students practice sorting the short and long vowel words.


This QR Code freebie allows students to practice reading simple CVC sentences.  Students have to figure out the missing word.  For example, For example: My ____ is red. (hat, big, mad)

This sight word matching game is free in my store!

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