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I've had a Reading A to Z subscription for the past six years, but I've always just used their leveled books.  I don't LOVE putting the books together, but the fact that I can find books to match a specific subject is great...and the fact that students can highlight in the books is another plus.

 I'm fortunate that my district pays for my license, but Donor's Choose might be another way to acquire this resource.

I have NO idea how I ever found this...but one day I stumbled upon these AMAZING close reading activities.   I've had great luck working with some of my 5th grade tutoring students using these resources from Reading A to Z.

They are set up for 2nd grade through 6th grade and have different level passages for each grade.  Each set comes with a teachers guide, student resources, as well as discussion leader role cards and report role cards.

We've done two sets (What Makes Something a Work of Art and How Does a Poet Create Images that Support the Theme of a Poem), and I don't follow the directions 100% but they are an excellent guide. The first time the students read their set I have them focus on the main idea, details, and making connections.  Then we get into the close reading. 

 Our next close reading set we will use is: How Can Point of View Affect your Actions?

This is how you get to the close reading section.

These are what I like to print out!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the close reading activities! I use Reading A-Z too but haven't done their close reading yet. And I agree with you- I don't enjoy putting the books together either! :)
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  3. Thanks for sharing that. We use A to Z books for take home books, but it's been awhile since I've looked closely at the site since we have multiple copies.


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