Five for Friday

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1.  Fancy Nancy…We dressed like characters from our favorite books for Dr. Seuss Day.  I was Fancy Nancy.   I had a fancy skirt, a boa (that made my neck itch like crazy), and lots of jewelry.   There are no pictures because my camera dropped, in the case, and the lens broke!  This was the look I was going for :)
2.  Square Trade.  I got a warranty with my camera, and I wasn’t even sure the lens would be covered.  They were BEYOND WONDERFUL!  In fact, I mailed my lens to them on Friday night and on Wednesday I had a letter saying it was fixed, and they had shipped it back to me! 
3.  At the Teachers Pay Teachers' sale last week, I got the following two items from the Brown Bag Teacher!  The students I work with LOVE them!  These are great for workstations to help prepare for upcoming state assessments.
4.  Weekend trip.  I’m taking my children on a weekend getaway.  We have a children’s museum membership that is good all over the country.  We are taking a little adventure about 3 hours away, and will get to go to a new Children's  Museum.  I'm calling it a Pre-Spring Break Adventure!
5.  Alex and Ani…I love, love, love their bracelets.  This is my newest one.

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