Five For Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs!  This week started out slow...but has gone by so quickly!!!  I'm so excited to have a long weekend with my family!  We will be traveling, so that will be even more fun :)

We have family nights twice a year....I went to a meeting where 20 schools shared their family engagement activities.  It was about amazing collaboration.  I believe our school's next event will be a Zainy, Brainy, Game Night!  The teacher's will play games with families and we'll have lots of door prizes!!!  I love this game for vocabulary development :)

We are headed to Union Station on Sunday!  This is one of my son's favorite places on earth!  They have a children's museum, plus trains are always going by!

I'm always afraid to try new candles.  It is like I have this commitment phobia :) I LOVE Pumpkin Cupcake.  It has the perfect blend of home baked goodness (which I fail miserably at attempting) and spice :) 

We are leveling!! It is not a quick process, but it does provide amazing data.  We are doing the entire school, and the goal is to be done by Sept. 12.  However some grades are already done.  I think we will be done by next Friday!

My friend has this in her family made me smile, and I need to order it!!!!

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