Chapter 8: Book Study

I missed posting a few chapters due to spring break, but I'm glad to be linking up for Chapter 8 with The First Grade Parade.  This chapter on analogies, metaphors, and smilies was focused on helping students make the connections.  The author stressed that this is the most effective strategy.

After reading this chapter I felt like I do a good job teaching metaphors and similes, but when it comes to analogies I need to do a way, way, way better job.  There are so many missed opportunities and this chapter made me realize how important it is to use analogies when teaching new concepts.

I like using picture books when I'm teaching smilies and metaphors.  Having students create visuals of them in interactive notebooks has been a great way for students to make connections with them.

Some resources for finding pictures books are the following:
Read Write Think
Smilies in Picture Books
Read Write Talk

Here is a freebie to help students illustrate different types of figurative language.

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