Five For Friday: Earth Day Freebie

This week is better than last week BECAUSE.... (drum roll) Testing is DONE!!!  YIPPEE!!!  That's two weeks of my life I will never get back, but it is DONE!  Now we can have FUN!

My coworker brought me these beautiful flowers!!

I finished my Build it! Write it! Draw it! Set for long vowels!

I'm excited for the weekend.  Track, football, a dance competition, and a MLB game!  I'm going to need a few days to recover!

I need this t-shirt!


  1. My poor MN Twins lost horribly to KC in their home opener. 12-3 - yikes! I was there, and it was a total bummer. KC played well.

    1. I'm hoping it doesn't get rained out tomorrow night!!!


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