Five for Friday

We had a great weekend…between lots of MLB and dancing, I was worn out on Monday morning.  This was our lunch one day…nothing like ribs and baseball on a Sunday afternoon!  This was a picture I posted on Instagram.  

Here is a picture from  my newest Build it! Write it! Draw it! set for long vowels!

Here is my newest set in my TPT store.  I'm a HUGE fan of making students answer in complete sentences- not just for writing.  Even if I ask a question out loud, that is not reading related, I expect them to answer in a complete sentence (I know, I'm a big meanie).
For example....
Me:  What's the weather like outside?
Student: cold
Me: Let's answer in a complete sentence, 'The weather outside is cold.'

 I strongly believe that it helps their language development.  After a while, they get used to answering this way.   This set of task cards helps scaffold that process.  You can use them in a work station, or even use them during guided reading.

If you use them during a work station, I would have them read their complete answers to their partners.  In guided reading, it would be a great way to monitor their comprehension and help them answer questions in complete sentences.

I'm a huge fan of 
This was a lesson we did this week where students would find quotes (they wrote the quotes on scrap sheets of construction paper) that characters said and they would have to 1) say the quote in the tone the character would have spoken  2) tell how the character felt   3) explain what the character looked like when they said the quote

My Book Club has picked this as our next read.  I'm only on Chapter 1, but I'm already hooked.  It is completely fictional. 


  1. Love the sentence activity - build it, write it, draw it !

  2. YES - I'm a big fan of answering in complete sentences, too! I read that this is an important skill in Teach Like a Pirate! I'll have to check out this book - I love historical fiction!

    1. I have not read Teach Like a Pirate...I'll put that on my summer reading list!!


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