Back to School Books: Peanut Butter and Cupcake (Plus a Freebie)

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and fell in love with the illustrations in this book!  I loved how Terry Border made the food seem so human-like!!

The cover illustration is exactly how the pages in the book appear.  It is like the food has come to life!  Peanut Butter is looking for a friend to play soccer with him, but all the other food is way too busy! 

This is a great book for K-2nd graders to read the first week of school when you are teaching about kindness and how we treat each other in the class (and on the playground).

This book does have a happy ending, and at the same time it also provides lots of teachable moments!

Probably one of the reason I also liked this book is that I LOVE cupcakes.  There is a wonderful gluten-free bakery not far from where my daughter takes ballet...and I stop in there WAY too much!!!

Since I like cupcakes so much, I thought this would be a fun freebie!!! 

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