Monday Made it!

This has been a CRAZY, BUSY week!!!  Next week I go back to school, so I'm finishing up my summer projects.  Since it is super hot out, we've been getting lots of chores done inside!
After having a bracelet custom made at a bead shop in Colorado, my daughter and I decided to try and make our own.  Michaels was having a sale this week!  I highly recommend Stretch Magic for the elastic cord.  
Here are a few of our beads!
 We bought a tray that helps you figure out how many beads you will need to make the bracelet.
 These were the ones we made this week!  I think they are so cool and aren't like anything I already owned :)
We had fun with spray paint.  This was an old, old tv stand (from 1985) that had been spray painted lilac, but was chipping and was a MESS!
Below is an old brown frame that needed some sprucing up!  My husband collects old, old football programs.  This was from 1958.

These are the after pictures!

 I worked on this during the week!  My goal was to create a packet that had lots and lots of opportunities for students to practice reading and create math word problems!  This packet has 17 open ended math stories, and students do the work and create the problems.  
There are so many different ways that students can solve these problems!  For first grade, at the beginning of the year, it is done as a whole group.  In second grade, students could come up with their own problems.  This set includes stories that cover addition, subtraction, time, and collecting data.

 These were some pictures I posted on Instagram...I'm redoing the empty space above my computer cabinet.  I ended up going with the bottom choice!

We also needed a new faucet this weekend.  This is the fanciest faucet I've ever owned!


  1. I love the bracelets. I've tried making them in the past, but haven't had much success. I think it's because of the materials I've used. Yours came out lovely. Great gifts, even fundraisers. Your table looks brand new! :) Have a great day~

    1. I watched some YouTube videos, because our first attempt was a flop! That was before I found out about Stretch magic!

  2. I LOVE that faucet! LOVE IT! It's very sexy! :)

  3. I am in love with the bracelets you made. I am going to attempt to make them at some point. Thanks for the suggestion on the Stretch magic cord. I have never tried to make anything so I would've been lost.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. I've used other elastics, and they aren't the same! The Stretch Magic is exactly like what is in "real" bracelets you buy at the store :) We watched some YouTube videos. Another tip is to use a binder clip at one end...that way the beads don't fall off :)

  4. I really like the white bracelet-- looks great.

    I am guessing your husband is a K-State fan from the purple mat? That's where my husband went to school.

    My Bright Blue House


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