Summer Linky Party: Groovy Guided Reading and Miscue Analysis 101

Running Records are so important to guided reading because they give teachers instant data about student's errors and by using miscue analysis, teachers can determine what type of feedback they can provide students to help them improve their reading.

I thought for today's linky party, I'd provide a little information about how to code running records to provide meaningful feedback to help students.  

Coding Errors using MSV
M- Meaning
S- Structure
V- Visual

When you code the error the student made, you code it based on what systems the student is using!  Then you teach based on what the student needs to be doing.

Examples of MSV
Text:  The mom went to the store.
Student:  The mom went to the shop.

This would be coded as an M (for meaning).  The student is using meaning when they are reading, but they are not paying attention to visual cues.  Your feedback would be something like, "that makes sense, but lets look closer at the word...what does 'st' say? What would make sense that starts with 'st'?

Text:  The boy took a bath.
Student:  The boy took a nap.

This would be coded as an S (for structure).  The student is using correct grammar when reading.  However, they are not looking at the word visually, and depending on what the story and pictures are showing, they may not even be using meaning, which means they are just guessing at a word.  

This example has many potential teaching points.  I'd first start if there are picture clues.  Then I'd focus on what would make sense that starts with the letter 'b'.

Text:  The girl played with the ball. 
Student: The girl played with the bang.

This would be coded as V (for visual).  The student is looking at the letters, but is not using meaning, because it doesn't make sense and it isn't really correct grammar.  You would point out that you can tell they are looking at the letters, but you want them to focus on what would make sense.

You can download this example and print it here.

I hope these examples help you this school year when you take running records.  I have found that the more I practice taking running records and providing feedback, the easier it gets :)

Quick Shout Out!!
Next Step in Guided Reading is by far my favorite guided reading resource.  It has excellent strategies to help students in all grade level improve their reading comprehension.  There are also a number of word work activities to help students build their visual memory.  If you only buy one "reading resource" this is your book!
I also have additional guided reading information on my blog under the GUIDED READING tab.


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