Linking Up with Doodle Bugs & Friday Freebie

Happy March!!!! I am so happy it is Friday!  Here's my Five for Friday! This afternoon, I will again be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

1. Happy Dr. Seuss Days...The3rd graders helped me with this bulletin board.  Thank you Conversations in Literacy for the great idea!

2.  I am working on redoing my bedroom!  I love these colors (and I love playing with photo apps).

3.  I'm so tired of cold weather.  My hands are ready for spring!

4. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is...
5.  I love working with teachers, but I miss working with students.  Today I got to cover for first grade guided reading.  I had a blast.  I couldn't help but smile and laugh, when two of the boys told me they liked all my rings, and did I have a husband for every ring???? 

The Friday Freebie is my spring word families.  If you like it, please leave feedback!! Spring Word Families


  1. Hahaha, the things children say! What did you answer regarding rings and husbands?? :)

    1. I first told them I had lots of husbands at home...then they said, "we knew it!" Then I told them the truth :)

  2. Thanks so much for the shout on the Seuss Rainy Day! Your display looks great. I love the colors you are working with for your bedroom. Where do you find the time?
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. A 4 day weekend and then an extra snow day this week :)

  3. That comment about if you have a husband for every ring is hilarious. Love it. Thanks for a good laugh!

    Eclectic Educating

  4. Comments like these are why I LOVE teaching little ones!! Never a dull moment!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  5. We are thinking of re-doing our bedroom in those colors, also! The thought of painting our room makes me cringe though b/c we have a cape cod house and our bedroom is super-duper longggggg!!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT


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