Urgency, Freebie & Linky Party

We had PD today, and it was really good :)  The main focus was urgency and tightening up instruction.  I feel an extreme sense of urgency, because I work in a high needs school.  One of the biggest messages I got was how important it is to be intentional when planning for students that are behind, when you are trying to reduce achievement gaps.  I'm still processing everything.  However, the speaker gave some awesome questions to ask when looking at running records.
1. Was reading correct?
2. Was reading corrected?
3. Was reading comprehended?
4. Was reading attempted?
5.  Did the reading stall?

Today the following will be my Friday freebie.  Click here to download.

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Linky Party
 I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday linky party.
1.  State Assessments.  I loathe state assessments.  I hate that an entire school year is judged on a single test.  I can't even begin to tell you the horror stories that have happened during state assessment week.  I've had children removed from homes.  Houses that have caught on fire.  Parents arrested.  But probably the saddest was when one of my student's brother died in a drive by shooting.  If that wasn't bad enough, the summer before, she had another brother die in a drive by shooting.

2.  On a happy note...spring break is coming up! I wish I could fit into these bikini!  EDIT: I'm sure I could fit into a bikini, so I should say, I wish I looked GOOD in a bikini :)  However, I had melanoma when I was 35, so I am SUPER, SUPER careful in the sun.  I always wear a rash guard long sleeve shirt when I'm at the pool or the beach.  I love the ones from Lands End :) I wear sunscreen everyday, even in the winter.  I go every 3 months for skin checks. Needless to say, I won't get tan over my spring break!

3.  Chapter 1 of my dissertation proposal is due on 3/12.  It isn't done, but getting close :)

4.  Night at the Arts was last night and my kindergarten son had this on display.

It is titled: Red Eagle. He explained that all artists put titles on their work, and he thought Red Eagle was a good title :)  That just cracked me up, because the next thing he said was, "it kind of looks like a turtle."

5.  I love these 4 box mats.  This time it was used for word families, but it can be used for vocabulary, multiple meaning words, sight word sentences, and more!


  1. I love the picture of the steps to completing your dissertation. That is how I feel with the yearbook, which is what I am supposed to be doing now. Good luck!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I'm with you on the rash guard. My husband and I have both recently converted. It just makes more sense!

    I love the four box mats. I was at a conference last fall where they used them for group work. Each student got a section and then the group answer was written in the middle. So many possibilities!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  3. I have to be careful in the sun, too, but I also like the suits at Lands End. I'll have to use those 4 box mats! So many possiblities!

    Learning in the Little Apple

  4. Good luck with finishing your dissertation this week.

    The First Grade Princess


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