Wacky Wednesday Freebie :)

I have been so busy, I feel bad I haven't blogged much.  We started state assessments yesterday, and I'm SUPER proud of how hard everyone is working!!!!

Mrs. Fultz's Corner is having a great linky!
My advice to new teachers would be.....
1.  Try and stay organized, but figure out what works for you.  Many times you'll see great ideas, but they won't quite work for you.  Once you find what works, you'll know :) I tried to keep every guided reading group in one binder because it was supposed to keep my life organized :)  I found that I work much better with every group in their own binder and everything is color coded (red, green, blue, yellow). Baskets, bins, etc all are organized by color. 

2. Smile lots.  You can't smile too much!  I've learned that I can get any child to do what I ask, if I ask nicely with a smile on my face :)

3. You have the best job in the world.  Some days it will be hard to remember this, but you are making a difference in the future.  No other job has so much power. 

Here is a fun freebie that will be free today in my store until 7 pm! Click here to download.


  1. Hi Bridget,
    I just downloaded your freebie (thanks so much!)- it will be perfect to play with my small groups! Also, I just LOVE your 2nd piece of advice- I whole-heartedly agree!
    Learning to the Core

  2. I really like your advice in number 1. It is so important to find what works for YOU, not everyone else. It is ok to do things a different way!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. I completely understand how crazy busy it is getting right now. :) I agred, being organized is a must!
    Conversations in Literacy


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