Throw Back Thursday- Sight Words

I've only been blogging since January 2013, but my most popular post (based on views) was my sight word post.

---------------  January 18, 2013 -------------------------

I'm always looking for new ways to practice sight words.  The first grade teachers at my school are making these flip booklets with their students!  All of the words were found in newspapers and educational catalogs!  I get about 4 catalogs a day, so I'm happy to give them to any teacher that will use them!

ABC Magnetic Letter Lite App

This is magnetic letter app is great for practicing making words.  I just use the free version, because all I really want are the magnet letters.  It works great for making sight words! 

Word Boxes

 The reading interventionist was having students find their sight words in books, and then they were using magnetic letters and putting the letters in the correct boxes.  You can download the Vowel Pattern page here.
I really like when students can have magnets that have vowels in a different color.  This kit we are using has vowels in red and consonants in blue.

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