Made it Monday: Rhinestones and Currently

My Made It  Monday involves rhinestones and flip flops :)  My daughter and I had fun.  I'm not really in school mode (yet) so my Monday Made It is definitely summer related!

We have a TON (not exaggerating) of rhinestones at our house.  My daughter dances, and they are leftover from her costumes.  Multiply many years of dance times many costumes that need rhinestones, you end up with a TON!

I have 2 favorite rhinestone glues.   Today I used Aileen's Glitter & Gem glue.  It dries clear, and if it gets on the stone it has a shine to it, so your stones don't look dull.

 Another trick I've learned is that cheap crayons (like the kinds they give out at restaurants) are like magnets, and can pick up rhinestones VERY easily.  I put the glue on the flip flop and put the rhinestones on the glue.

 I'm also linking up with Farley!  I need to take my own advice!!  Enough said :)


  1. Isn't it fun doing projects with your daughter? My one daughter is four and we worked on a few projects this summer. I like the special time with her. I don't think I can make a "to do" list because it would go on forever. Here's to enjoying summer!

    Third Grade Galore

    1. I'm going to quit making "to do" lists in the summer :) I love doing projects with my children! Last summer we tried a bunch of things I saw on Pinterest and none of them turned out quite right :)

  2. Love those flip flops!
    I wish it was cool enough here to open the windows in the morning. :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  3. Cool mornings? Wow! There is nothing cool about where I live. I would love to have my scrapbooking caught up. It seems as though the further I get behind, the less I want to do it. :(
    Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. It normally is 100+ this time of year! I'm not sure what is going on. We need rain very badly, but at least it is cooler right now.

  4. We are having beautiful weather in Oklahoma right now too! :) I have never heard about your trick with the crayon, that should help keep fingers from getting all sticky. The flip flops are cute, I'm sure my daughter would like them. She loves rhinestones and glitter.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  5. You did a great job on the flip flops! So glad that it is flip flop weather and I am wanting summer to be longer too! :)
    Conversations in Literacy


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