Five For Friday and a Flash Freebie

1.  I hate being sick....Last year I was uber healthy....the year before I was sick for a month (but only missed one day).  I also am not a great patient, and I don't like medicine....I caved in and went to the doctor.  Good thing, I had an ear infection and sinus infection.  My ear felt better, but I kept getting worse (fever at night) and developed this yucky cough and really couldn't breathe.  They were afraid I had pneumonia, but I don't.  So I'm doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and am on steroids :(

2.  Color Run.  I signed up almost 6 months ago :(  There is no way I can do it.  There will be another"happiest 5k on the planet" for me to run in the future! 

3.  Rainbow Loom...We got one at Michaels this week, and my daughter loves making them!!!  I wish I was an inventor, and I could invent something like this :)  Everyone in my family is sporting one :)  Mine is purple, black and white- for my favorite college team!

4.  Jeans.  I was at Sam's Club (our Sam's Club makes the BEST cakes that I don't eat).  My husband is celebrating a major birthday....but on the way to the bakery, I was distracted by these jeans!  I LOVE jeans with bling, and they were an awesome price....BUT I'M SHORT!  The last time I got blingy jeans altered (to match the stitching at the bottom) it was expensive!  By the time I pay for alterations.... not a good deal.  They need to sell petite blingy jeans at Sam's Club!!!  If you like jeans with bling, and are not short, Sam's Club might be the place for you (who knew????)!

5.  My post isn't very schoolish.  I've been working on data walls, bookroom, conferencing with teachers, and planning phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency interventions.  I've been working on blog posts for them.  I decided every Sunday will be my "content" post, and Friday's will be my fun post :)
I have environmental print, phonics, phonemic awareness, graphic novels, and author studies lined up!

Flash Freebie: Today until 5 pm (CST) the following will be free. 


  1. Just discovered your blog and love it. So sorry you feel bad. I hope you get to feeling better. By the way, I've always wanted to do the color run but I've never found the time. Maybe, one day. Well get well soon.

    Tidbits From Ms. Pitts

  2. I am behind on reading everyone's posts. Hope you are feeling better by now!
    Conversations in Literacy


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