Five For Friday and a Fluency Flash Freebie


1.  One of my friends is a personal trainer, and she put this on her Facebook page.  Even though she was talking about working out, I think it can apply to teaching!  This can be hard if you are a perfectionist, but unless you try, it is never going to happen!

2.  This was one of the stations in kindergarten.  I was so impressed with just after 2 weeks of practice, they were doing an amazing job staying focused on their task!  The sand wasn't on the floor, they weren't throwing sand, eating sand, or having too much fun!!!  It almost looks like the little guy drew a heart below the letter :)

3.  I have 3 races in the next 7 days!  I'm excited, but I think I'm going to make time for nap, since they all start EARLY!!! What was I thinking signing up for an (3) early morning races in the first few weeks of school????

4.  Our school is doing "walk to intervention."  This means each grade level will have 30 minutes where students are grouped based on skills (or enrichment) that they need.  I just met with our awesome 2nd grade team to plan our first three weeks of intervention.  I felt like we did a fantastic job...we didn't just look at numbers, but we were doing error analysis to help determine why students were struggling :) 

5.  I just started doing running record training with some teachers.  I always make it a point to give 1 praise and 1 "thing to work on" when I do a running record.  I also try and ask a question about why a student self-corrected (if they did) to get them thinking about what their brain thinks about when they are reading.  I'm a huge fan of running records!!!

Flash Freebie until 7:30 pm!

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  1. 3 races? Wow, that is great! I like to do the same thing with the running records. I call it praise point and teaching point. We are starting our RtI soon too. :)
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