Bookroom- Always Under Construction

I've been working on our bookroom since we moved it in June.  It still isn't 100% complete...I'm now working on building genre bins (mysteries, historical fiction, biographies, author studies, and more!).  I'm happy with it :)  Since I don't have a classroom, I will share my bookroom photos :)

We have lots of Mondo books, national geographic and trade books.  When I went to a bookroom PD a couple weeks ago, I learned that fiction and nonfiction books should be separated.  Just when I thought I was close to being done, I had a new project!

I try and put all the books in ziplock bags, so teachers just grab a bag (this is still in progress).

Here is a before picture.

This is an after picture :)
These are the crates with trade books.  Since I had a "hodge podge" of crates, I was able to make every level have the same colored crates.  The labels I used for the crates are in my TPT store.

These are the fiction Mondo books.  Each level has their own bin. The nonfiction section looks the same, except the label says "nonfiction."

I've ordered quite a few books for an author study...they will go in the magazine holders.  My goal is to get 15-20 primary authors and 10-15 intermediate authors.


  1. I feel like our book room is always under construction too. I like the white shelves with the colorful baskets and labels! You have done a great job!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks, Lori! I am most happy when I see that the books are being used in classrooms :)

  2. Can you elaborate on the why Fiction and Non-Fiction need to be separated on the book room?


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