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 Based on assessment results, we have quite a few students that are struggling with phonemic awareness.  I like the PAST (Phonemic Awareness Skills Test) to assess students phonological awareness.  I feel like it is a pretty easy assessment to give, and it pinpoints where student are struggling.

During school-wide intervention time, in grades K-1, when teachers are teaching phonemic awareness, they are focusing on the following skills:
  • concept of spoken words (clapping for each word in a sentence)
  • rhyming
  • beginning sounds
  • segmenting onset and rhyme
  • segmenting words
  • changing words based on initial sounds
  • changing words based on ending sounds
  • blending words
One of my "go to" resources is always  the FCCR.  I have found so many different ways to use their ideas!  In the picture below, each student has a bag of words, and they get to "point" to the word that rhymes with the word I say.  The students love getting to use the "pointer"!  That has been a GREAT Dollar Store find :)

Another resource I like is Phonemic Awareness: Playing with Sounds to Strengthen Beginning Reading Skills.  Not only are there TONS of ideas that can easily be used without making copies.  This sound bag idea is from the book.  I also like sending bags home, and letting students bring in objects from home. 

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  1. Thank you so much! I was very excited to win! I use FCCR for resources too for my school's RtI groups. Great ideas, Bridget!
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