Currently May!

I cannot believe it is May already!!!!  I am not counting down the days (yet) and even though I cannot wait for summer, I've had a great school year that went WAY too fast!!!

We are having great weather, which makes it hard to stay inside...which means that my "to file" basket is OVERFLOWING, my house needs to be cleaned, and I need to do some major closet clean-outs! 
I cannot wait to hear what they will name the new princess.  I keep hearing Alice...I love that name!!!
I want/need to finish up my dissertation into a research article.  That takes serious focus, and it might need to wait until school is out!
This summer is going to be awesome.  We usually travel quite a bit.  We have a house rented in the Rocky Mountains and we have lots of hikes planned.  We even planned a 14er!!  We have a few other small trips planned and my husband just told me that is working on a special trip for our 19th anniversary!!  YIPEE!!


  1. The weather is wonderful here this weekend as well!! I'm definitely going to try to enjoy it!!! Enjoy all of your summer plans!!! They sound wonderful!

    1. I think I might be enjoying the weekend too much! weekend + family = not too productive :)

  2. I am also listening to the washing machine, I'm needing to get chores done, and I can't wait to hear what they name the new princess! I saw Charlotte somewhere, I think that is adorable! Congrats on 19 years of marriage! How exciting that he has something special planned!
    The Blessed Teacher

  3. The washing machine can be a very soothing sound...I am sitting here doing the same! I have always wanted to visit the rocky sounds like they are gorgeous. I love the name Alice...what a sweet name...I would definitely go with that name :). Your summer sounds amazing!

    I hope all goes well!


  4. I'm loving our weather, too. Doesn't it make you feel so energized and happy? Oooh, a hike in the Rocky Mountains sounds awesome! ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. Oh wow! a 14er! Awesome! My friend and her husband did a couple 13ers in Colorado. I was supposed to do one with them on one of my visits but it the weather ended up being stormy...not good hiking weather. :) My niece is visiting and her name is Alice. That would be very cool if they name the new princess Alice. Enjoy that great weather! It's rainy season here so our weather hasn't been so great.

    Joya :)


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